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I'm a queer stay at home mom with what looks like a way-too traditional lifestyle. I have been married to a cis-man for a long time. Sometimes that means I feel weird about the claim of queerness but I've always been bi regardless of who I'm with. I'm an old. I remember a time before the internet and before there were computers at home. I'm all into the messy Wild West, Pulp Age grayness of tech and the net--good and bad. I'm a Pagan and a political progressive. I make stuff. Lots of stuff. I have depression and anxiety. I've had gastric surgery and live with the fall out which isn't all that bad in my case--so far. My family rocks. My kids are interesting and complicated and creative. My spousal type unit is a musician, a software and hardware geek, a physics and math nerd with half a theater degree. It's a geeky old world around here. I have a history degree and a passion for science fiction. I have one foot firmly settled in the past and the other in the future. Books and stories are my go-juice. I love Romance too. The Pre-Raphaelites are among my visual joys. TV is not my thing and as I get older, I don't do much with film either. But I love art and objects of beauty that people use or wear. I make jewelry. And medieval clothes. And stories.

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archeology, beads, business of writing too if there's any interest, collage, cross stitch, erotic romance, fantasy, ghost-hunting, herstory--always her story, history, jewelry, narrative and character and words, occult history, pagan anything we can talk about it, paranormal anything, period sewing, queer romance, re-enacting, reading, reading again, science (pretentious 80's song voice), science fiction, sewing, steampunk, thinking about things; sometimes talking them, wire-wrapping, writing-lots of writing
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